What Is Conversion Rate Sales

Conversion rates refer to the percentage of converting website visitors into sales. Increasing conversion rates is a top priority for today's marketers. Your website and landing pages, if well optimized, can leave behind a good impressions or extremely bad ones . Modern marketers are struggle to increase their conversions, as the rise of content marketing makes it hard to break through the noise. Here are 3 ways to increase your conversion rates

  1. Make Sure the Call to Action on Your Page is Clear - Your homepage is a great opportunity to convert a lead. But you have to make sure that your leads aren't confused about what they should do. Consider putting only your high-value CTAs on your homepage.
  2. Simplify Forms and Get to The Point - Who wants to fill out a tedious form? NOONE! You want to make it easy for your leads to contact you and provide their information, so just keep it to the basics—5-6 fields for the information that your company deems important for lead qualification.
  3. Create Valuable, Interactive and Relevant Content - Make sure your are promoting content on your site that is relevant for your audience and matches what they are searching for. Creating an interactive content piece is a great way to increase conversion rates because your website visitors are more inclined to give their contact information for something valuable.
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