What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing is about attracting and retaining clients by creating and curating relevant and valuable content. Content marketing is successful when it is backed by a robust content strategy. Your content strategy will engage customers and build sales pipeline. The content you are creating should be a both engaging as well as relevant to your buyer persona. If you do content marketing right, you will be able to see optimal results.

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is the perfect complement to your marketing automation solution and content creation tools that enhances your existing technologies by making them even more effective. Captora offers valuable insight across all digital marketing channels (search, advertising, and social). This helps marketers identify, create, and optimize new digital marketing campaigns to engage and capture new buyers. Additionally, it substantiates which campaigns are most effective and which ones need improvement. Based on advanced marketing analytics marketers can see data trending over time and drive continuous improvement across digital campaigns, content and website visitors.

Engage and capture new buyers with the right content marketing. For more on starting with content marketing from scratch, download our ebook.

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