What Is Content Generation

Content is a key part of driving growth. With buyers constantly online they are searching for information that will educate them and inform them about your product or service. Generating content that is relevant to their needs is critical in modern marketing practices. Marketers are constantly generating content from whitepapers to blogs, to try reaching their target audience. There is no one methodology for generating content. In order to achieve valuable content marketers must understand their buyers and provide them with information that will engage them to interact with you.

Generating content is simple, but creating valuable content that drives conversions is a complex process. With so much content being produced, marketers have no way to tie it to ROI.Marketers are struggling to capture their audience’s attention. Generating dozens of content is helpful in nurturing leads within one’s CRM system, yet there isn't a way for marketers to capture new buyers not within the system. Finding an effective way to generate content to capture potential buyers not within one’s CRM database will dramatically lead to pipeline growth.

Captora helps marketers generate relevant content to their target audience. By expanding top-of-funnel marketing, Captora automatically generates targeted campaigns based on what your buyers are looking for. Captora’s patent technology leverages your content ecosystem to create campaigns that enables you to engage thousands of new buyers across multiple channels in a fast and efficient way. Now marketers can be confident that they are generating valuable content that their buyers are looking for.

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