What Is Buying Process In Marketing

The roles of the buying process has changed. Sales teams are no longer on the front lines trying to capture buyers through cold calling methods. Marketers have become the first contact buyers come across when searching for your product or service. By utilizing the web to search for information, buyers are looking for information to help educate them about your brand and show them how your brand is different than your competitors. No matter what step of the buying process they are at, marketers are responsible for ensuring that there is content to provide them with value.

Marketers are under pressure to contribute to pipeline growth, but find it challenging to engage buyers with all the noise online. Having high valuable content that tell buyers what your about, how you are different, but more importantly is relevant to what they are searching for, will provide marketers with a significant opportunity for growth.

That's where Captora comes in. Captora expands top-of-funnel marketing to attract and capture new buyers who do not know your brand across multiple channels. The Captora platform leverages content in your space to automatically create customized landing pages are relevant to what your prospective buyers are searching for. Since marketers are responsible for engaging buyers, they must understand the buying process, but most importantly understand how to respond to buyers needs.

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