What Is Branded Content

Branded content takes traditional marketing tactics to another level by fusing content-driven campaigns with entertaining media. Elements of branded content marketing may focus on anything from product placement to short films highlighting the efficacy of your product within a narrative - but above all else, these methods still rely on the creation of relevant content that matches what buyers need and want to know. Placing branded content in the right channels means that it will be seen by your targeted audience, driving lead conversion rates and strengthening credibility of your brand.

The challenge for marketers is knowing what content is actually effective, especially if they are placing effort on creating these types of platforms and directing them in multiple channels. Without having solid, measurable data about their target audience, marketers can only guess at what buyers are looking for and how the brand will fit their need.

Through Captora's data-based technology, marketers can deploy existing content into hundreds of targeted campaigns, driving increases in lead volume. See accurate clickstream data from web assets, ensuring that the creation of branded content reaches the targeted audience for whom it is intended. When your resources are informed by Captora's data and insight, you no longer have to be exhausted by guesswork to create the best branded content campaigns!

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