What Is B2B Marketing Process

The B2B Marketing process involves a series of steps during a months-long sales cycle. Essentially, these steps go from building a database of prospective buyers, through identifying responses from raw inquiries into the product and turning these into qualified leads. Integrated throughout this process are other steps including identifying inactive leads (those that have the potential to become a customer in the future) from dead leads, which can include competitors. When a lead becomes qualified, it then goes on to become a sales opportunity and finally, a customer. The end goal of this relationship is to create repeat customers, as it costs significantly less to obtain revenue from an existing client as it does to generate a new one.

However, B2B marketers are missing out on opportunities to capture new buyers. With buyers online searching for information about product and services, marketers can create content to ensure they are reaching new buyers as well as fostering relationships with existing customers. If marketers can engage new buyers and increase brand awareness, they can see an increase in pipeline and increase in conversions.

Captora takes the challenges of manual process and guesswork out of creating content and makes sure that marketers are able to create successful content directed at engaging new buyers as well as refueling the interest of repeat customers. By expanding top-of-funnel marketing, Captora helps marketers reach new buyers by the thousands, often those who have not even heard of your brand. By identifying where marketers should spend time and creating campaigns to review, Captora assists marketers in growing pipeline and generating more leads.

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