What Is An Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is a great way to generate quality leads to accelerate your pipeline. However, not all marketers are successful in their inbound marketing tactics. By creating an inbound marketing strategy that aligns content to buyer intent signals, marketers can see dramatic results.

Here are some tips when creating an inbound marketing strategy.

  • Create content that is relevant, valuable, informational, and engaging.
  • Repurpose content- create blogs, webinars, infogrpahics to keep buyers engaged.
  • Map content to buyer persona(s), stages in the buyer journey, and stages in sales funnel
  • Utilize multi-channels to engage more buyers.
  • Personalize your content with value propositions that are created around the intent of buyer search queries.
  • Implement a marketing automation platform to streamline the process of converting a web visitor into a marketing qualified lead
  • Align marketing and sales by developing agreed upon target accounts, messaging, personas and what determines a qualified lead

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