What Is Acquisition Costs

Customer acquisition cost is the metric that quantifies the success of your inbound marketing. It begins with the cost per high-quality, purchase-ready lead.

But once you know your CAC, how do you manage it to lower levels? That's where Captora comes in. Scale inbound marketing and issues relating to the cost of acquiring new customers with Captora.

Captora identifies, creates, deploys and optimizes hyper-targeted top of funnel campaigns to capture conversion-ready prospects. That means more leads and lower CAC.

Captora's Marketing Execution Platform helps marketing:

  • Get brand new purchase-ready leads at a faster rate by creating targeted inbound campaigns — and spend fewer resources doing so.
  • Identify, create, and optimize new specifically targeted inbound campaigns to engage and reel in purchase-ready buyers.
  • Deliver an influx of high-quality buyers, while lowering customer acquisition costs.

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