What Channels Are Top Of The Funnel

57% of the buyer journey is finished before sales becomes involved. Knowing that, marketers must care about inbound channels that drive prospecting searching for solutions you sell. Beyond brand awareness, owning the top-of-the-funnel (TOF) means determining which channels will deliver the best ROI for the investment.

Marketers face the double-edged sword: what are my prospective buyers looking for and where do I find them? There are so many different technologies that support demand gernation but finding net new channels can be hard. The focus thus has shifted to tools like Captora that make optimizing the channels that drive the most leads a key priority for marketers today.

Captora’s digital marketing platform touches all core areas of the TOF; ranging from organic & paid, to content and market intelligence. Delving into cross-channel analytics, marketers no longer have to rely on guesswork to realize which content, asset or channel makes way for the greatest conversion opportunity(s). Consider siloed analytics a thing of the past. Designed by and for modern digital marketers, Captora is changing the way marketing gets done in a digital age.

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