What Are Today's Automated Content Trends

In the dynamic world of marketing, people often wonder what are today's automated content trends? In July, "Content Marketing" was said to be a highly researched topic on Google. Automated content trends are a demonstration of the funding being put into content marketing–be it eBooks, blogs, a white paper, etc. Yet with all this development: you must be equipped with tools that measure that content's success.

The buzz on marketing channels serves as a barrier achieving visibility for your audience. Are you maximizing content to engage with new buyers? Are you effectively leveraging technology to build relevant content at scale that aligns with your content roadmap?

To solve all of your modern marketing questions, Captora has arrived.

Captora was built to address and solve a large marketing roadblock –identifying potential buyers and understanding their points of interest at the start of their search for products. By using existing content, marketers can create launch and optimize hundreds of campaigns hyper-customized to the terminology the buyers are searching with. By cultivating content awareness, Captora make sure you use your best existing content to attain those leads you can nurture and score, and send down the funnel.

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