What Are Marketing Channels

When marketers want to communicate correct, up-to-date information to their buyers, they place their content in any number of marketing channels. Specifically targeting content over search (whether paid or organic) or social media means that marketers can engage a large number of potentially interested clients, and convert them into high-quality leads and loyal customers.

However, no matter what channel the marketer is using, marketers must ensure that their content is relevant. Without reliable data showing what buyers are searching for, marketers can miss opportunities to engage buyers and grow pipeline. Measuring data across inbound channels means the marketer needs access to technology that will not only diagnose problem areas, but analyze data and leverage content.

Captora's technology gives marketers the chance to use existing content to create targeted campaigns as well as create new campaign opportunities through any of the multiple marketing channels. Marketers can easily see what content, marketing channels, and campaigns are working best to capture buyers. With our technology, which collects data and intelligently analyzes it, marketers are able to expand top-of-funnel marketing to capture net new buyers and grow pipeline via multiple marketing channels.

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