Website Conversion

Increasing the conversion rate on your website is a top priority for marketers. But, many marketers don't have the time or resources to increase their conversions and optimize their website. Here are 5 ways to increase conversions on your website.

  1. Have a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)- This can be a "contact us", "demo", or "download ebook". Tell your visitor what they should do.
  2. Keep your forms short and sweet- No one wants to fill out long forms. Keep it between 5-6 fields asking the basics.
  3. Create valuable content- Make sure the content is relevant to your visitors and matches what they are searching for.
  4. Test and optimize your site- Consider doing A/B and multivariate tests to determine what elements convert higher.

To help create valuable content, Captora shows you buyer and competitive intelligence to ensure you are creating content that will convert. Download our ebook to learn about creating content that increases conversion rates.

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