Website Content Strategy

To succeed in today's marketing world, you need to come up with a website content strategy. To generate leads with your content, you also need a strategy that aligns with your business goals. Consider your website your calling card. Ideally, visitors would convert to leads when landing on your site.

Before creating content, creating a strategy is first. Social Media Today researched that "64 percent of content marketers say they don't use content effectively." Marketing departments struggle to scale and optimize their content roadmap. Filling in the gaps in your content strategy creates a connection with more buyers, more frequently, inducing the number of generated leads.

With Captora's digital marketing acceleration platform, you can easily gain insights on the progress of your inbound campaigns both paid and organic, through our live real-time inbound marketing metrics. Marketers can assess gaps so they can continue succeeding across channels with hyper-customized content.

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