Web Modern Marketing

People are no longer making buying decisions the way they did in the past. Rather than relying on salespeople to inform them on products and solutions, people are leveraging the web - in particular search engines and social media. In fact, "81 of all B2B buyer journeys begin with a web search." (LBDGA)

In order to convert these online users into paying customers, modern marketers need to engage them with personalized web experiences. Captora is a cloud based SaaS platform that is helping companies drive net new, high quality leads into the top of their marketing funnels. Now, marketers have an top of funnel digital marketing solution to help them;

  • Leverage buyer and competitive intelligence to Identify digital marketing gaps across multiple channels.
  • Increase conversion rates on SEO/SEM campaigns by leveraging their best existing content.
  • Increase the impact and effectiveness of your marketing automation and CRM solutions by feeding them with a steady supply of net new names.

What if you could identify and capture new buyers before your competition? Companies like Docusign and Marketo are leveraging Captora to engage their users with personalized web experiences - thus increasing non branded website traffic and their number of net new leads.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video