Web Marketing Tips

Cloud based marketing tools have taken the web marketing industry by storm! With increased flexibility and agility, B2B marketers can now expect to drive more high quality leads into their marketing funnel.

Optimize your web marketing strategy with Captora!

Captora is a unique cloud based digital marketing platform that enables B2B marketers to leverage their existing content in order to scale top of funnel lead generation. Captora can help you improve your web marketing strategy by:

  • Access to buyer and competitive intelligence to see how buyers are actively searching for or around your solution
  • Automatically create hundreds of SEO optimized landing pages in order to identify and engage high quality leads.
  • Report the success of these landing pages to see what elements are resonating well with your target audience
  • Detect competitor demand signals to identify potential campaign opportunities.

See how Captora can help you improve your web marketing strategy by driving high quality leads into your marketing funnel

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