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Search Engine Marketing is the process of engaging potential customers on paid and organic search channels with relevant content. As "81% of B2B purchase cycles begin with a web search," (LBDGA) it is crucial for marketers to be informed on SEM best practices.

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is helping companies optimize their web marketing strategies in order to rank higher on search engines, increase conversion rates on SEM campaigns and generate quality leads. How do we do that?

  • Our algorithm crawls your content and your competitors' in order to identify key search terms that real buyers are using.
  • Then, we perform thousands of mock searches to see what content you have in regards to these short tail and log tail keywords. This allows you to see content gaps and missed opportunitie and prioritize your web marketing campaigns based off real time data
  • Our platform allows you to automatically create hundreds of well optimized landing pages for search engine marketing.
  • Finally you can test these campaigns against one another by asset, offer, persona and channel.

Companies are leveraging Captora in order to scale and optimize their SEM strategies by leveraging buyer and competitive intelligence.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video