Web Landing Page

In today's digital marketing era, a basic web landing page isn't enough. With technology that allows marketers to identify anonymous web visitors by industry and company- as well as location and device, the opportunities for personalization and segmentation are endless. Captora is the premier Marketing Acceleration Platform designed to help you identify and then capture new buyers before your competition by:

  • MARKET: With our real-time content stream, moving from reactive to proactive as your market and competition shifts is easy. Product Marketing, Demand Gen, Social teams can all stay in tune with trends coming out and content that is striking a rhythym with your buyers.
  • ORGANIC: TOF is all about driving traffic - then converting it. Captora has delivered consistency on organic search performance results- up to 100% grow in some clients in less than a year! (SVMX)
  • PAID: Taking your Paid LP's from a 3 to 5% conversion rate can mean millions in additional pipeline and bookings. Our Paid solution is proven to quickly optimize and simplify testing LP"s with hyper personalization and clients are reaping the rewards.

Discover how Captora could help transform your traditional web landing page mentality today through dynamic personalization and segmentation that helps you increase conversion rates and double ROI. Watch our short demo video today.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video