Web Content Strategy

Your Web Content Strategy may not have been a part of your company roadmap five years ago, but you are way behind if you do not have one now. Web content is chief in the world of marketing. Buyers are constantly utilizing the web to assess your company and your competitors when looking for a product or service. With all of the resources available, buyers can do research on their own and usually come to a decision before even engaging with sales. How can marketers be prepared for this? Pushing content out is key, but is it bringing in the ROI that it should be? When conversion-ready buyers are drawn in through superior content on the web, high-quality lead conversion flourishes.

Web content marketing can quickly and effectively reach your buyers with relevant and compelling information. Content-based marketing strategies encompass giving credibility to your brand while engaging those buyers with the goal of building long-term, loyal relationships.

To generate great web content, you should be focusing on the valuable benefits prospective buyers will encounter when using your product/service, rather than highlighting the vision and mission of your brand. Answer the question of what your company offers in terms of solutions for their problems, perhaps something your competitor cannot offer.

Captora is your digital marketing acceleration platform. With Captora's award winning software, you will be able to

  1. gather and evaluate competitors intelligence to see where your content falls short,
  2. analyze buyer intent to determine which key phrases your buyers are searching for adn build content focused on those key words,
  3. scale and optimize this content to convert your buyers into leads into conversions into revenue,
  4. access ad-hoc reports on all of the metrics that matter to your business.

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