Ways To Improve Conversion Rates

Improving conversions for your website is a top challenge for marketers. Your website is an optimal place to drive traffic as well as engage buyers, but marketers are struggling to improve their conversions and optimize their content. Here are our top ways to improve your website conversion rates.

  • Create valuable and relevant content- Make sure your are creating content on your relevant for your buyers and matches what they are searching for. Captora enables marketers to use data to figure out what buyers are searching for, and how our content benchmarks against our competitors. Captora's patent technology automatically creates targeted campaigns to ensure marketers are creating valuable content that engages buyers.
  • Continually optimize your website- Being able to continuously test and edit different campaign assets is critical to finding out what campaigns are delivering results. Captora's always on optimization allows marketers to test CTAs, content. and offers to ensure they are achieving high conversions.
  • Ensure your CTA is easy to find and forms aren't long- If visitors are able to find your CTA and fill out a form that is short and to the point you will see more conversions.

While there are many different ways to improve your conversion rates, Captora gives you the tools to ensure you are successful in your marketing efforts.

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