Ways To Generate Leads In Sales

Its a tough truth that sales professionals must face, but face it, they must. Sales is no longer on the front line. No longer is sales identifying prospects, educating them and moving them through the buyer journey. So who does this responsibility fall on? The answer is in your content. According to CMI, nearly have of time that consumers spend online, they are engaging with content. Whether that is thought leadership content, social media posts, or self promotional demos, the key way to generate QUALIFIED leads for your sales team is through content marketing. Content marketing is the process of distributing relevant content to your target audience (based on specific demand signals) in order to attract potential customers, engage them as they navigate through the buyer journey, and convert them when they become qualified leads. Here are some tips to start generating leads with content marketing.

  • Document Goals and Align Them With Your Messaging
  • Create Audience Centric Content - provide your audience with the content THEY are looking for. This means understanding buyer intent signals and how to create value around them
  • Optimize Landing Pages for Conversions - Landing pages are micro sites that integrate into your homesite and answer specific question or address a pain statement. Landing Pages don't have to be complex or chock full of content, but they do need to be relevant. Make sure the URL, Heading, Subheading and CTA use the keyword phrase people searched for to get to the pag
  • Lead Nurturing - Allows you to monitor leads as they gather points and become more qualified allowing you to promote relevant content based on their personal online behavior.
  • Captora - Sits on top of funnel to leverage your content and your competitors content to identify net new names and understand how they are using long tail search terms around important keywords. Captora then allows you to take action and build hundreds of Capturesites (landing pages) at scale.
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