Ways To Generate Leads

Today, buyers are self-educating themselves on products and solutions way before they are ready to speak to sales, let alone ready to buy. In fact, "buyer's might be anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of the way through their buying journey before they contact the vendor, making it difficult for sales to influence the buyer's decision." (Forrester) The responsibility of identifying, engaging, and converting potential buyers has been passed over to marketing; a department that was once a cost center, and now a revenue driver. Many marketers are struggling to not only identify leads, but convert those leads into qualified opportunities for sales. Here are three tips to help you generate qualified leads.

  1. Content Marketing! Content marketing allows companies to generate leads at a cheaper cost than traditional marketing, while at the same time providing prospects with what they are looking for - helpful, valuable, and relevant content. When it comes lead generation, you want to create thought leadership content. Thought Leadership content demonstrates your companies expertise in a given industry, vertical or category. This type of content not only addresses the pain points of prospects, but directs them towards a solution - even if that solution is not YOUR solution. Providing prospects with insightful content and valuable offers will build trust.
  2. Landing Pages! In the current state of digital marketing, landing pages are the KEY to providing thought leadership content to your target audience. Especially as Google is penalizing companies who are directing visitors to generic home pages, resource pages, or about pages. Landing pages are targeted websites that visitors access when they click on a social media page, an email follow up, or a paid or organic ad. Here are some things to keep in mind when developing a landing page
    1. Specific by campaign - short tail search terms (content marketing) should have different campaigns than long tail searches (best B2B content marketing practices for my startup). This not only indicates buyer intent, but also where buyers are in a buyer journey and the leverage they have within their company (decision makers vs. influencers)
    2. Easy to scan format and design. Put your main points in bold and italics
    3. Remove navigation - in demand generation, you want to add navigation so visitors can find relevant content that interests them. Since the goal in lead generation is to increase conversions on a single campaign, having navigations would be working against you!
  3. Marketing Automation/ Lead Nurturing! According to KISS-metrics approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy! This does not mean you should ignore them, forget about them or discard them. What it does mean is that you need to nurture them with follow-up emails, and engaging content based on what campaign brought them in. Marketo, the leading marketing automation solution, not only allows marketers to streamline this process, but also score these leads to alert sales when they are buyer ready. By having all of these touch points in one database, sales can be more relevant in their messaging when it is time for them to engage!

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