Using Organic Search To Find Qualified Leads

Using organic search to find qualified leads is a new and useful methodology in the world of digital marketing. The buying process is changing as buyers are now the most capable to conduct research and make a buying decision before even engaging with sales. Contributing to pipeline and delivering highly- qualified leads without inducing customer acquisition cost (CAC) are the qualities modern marketers need to strive for. Finding qualified leads can be a challenge, especially because buyers desires and search techniques are also changing.

The use of organic search channels is engaging and effective, but it is difficult to scale content to the level that marketers want. Most of the generated traffic comes from buyers who are aware of your brand. Engaging with buyers who may not be familiar with your brand is essential for growth and pipeline.Search engines are the tool used to provide a solution to their problem, making organic channels a priority for marketers to be present throughout. The creation of valuable and informative content is vital to engage buyers anonymous to you. However, many marketers struggle to develop content without getting diluted in the noise.

Top-of-funnel marketing is a great method marketers should implement to reach new buyers who haven't heard of your brand, but are in the pool of potential buyers. With Captora, you can automatically create hyper-targeted campaigns that ensure marketers are put out the right content for buyers. With Captora, marketers continuously test and optimize campaigns to attain the results you want. Our Content Growth eBook showcases how Captora will perform as a top-of-the-funnel tool to boost your visibility across channels.

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