Understanding SEO Marketing

Traditional search engine optimization strategies are still relevant in marketing plans, but marketers are finding new ways to reach potential buyers via organic channels. Did you know that changes within search algorithms to hide query data is no longer giving marketers the capability to see which keywords are driving traffic to their site? SEO has been about gaming search engine algorithms to get higher ranking in search results. However Google is continuously changing their ranking algorithm which is making it harder for marketers to keep up.

Marketers are turning to content marketing. In order to ensure that buyers are finding information about your product or service, marketers are creating content such as videos, infographics, and whitepapers. But it takes much more than creating content to reach the right potential buyers. Marketers don’t know what content will engage buyers, what content to prioritize, or what their buyers are searching for. With thousands of buyers on the web, marketers need to put valuable content in front of them to drastically increase pipeline growth.

Take the guesswork out of content-driven marketing. Captora analyzes your content ecosystem to automatically create content-driven campaigns to give marketers insight into untapped marketing opportunities. With Captora marketers can see how their competitors are doing, identify new campaigns, and optimize opportunities that exist. Now marketers can ensure they are getting the results they need, without trying to keep up with changes within search algorithms.

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