Types Of Online Content

Yes, content marketing is king. But are you developing different types of online content to keep buyers engaged? With limited time and resources marketers are left creating the same type of content. You may be creating 2-3 blogs a week, but are you also creating infographics, videos, whitepapers, etc? Your buyers differ in the way they consume information. While one person may enjoy reading a long ebook, another may enjoy a cheatsheet. Having a variety of content types in your content mix is critical for achieving optimal results.

Here is a list of different online content you can be creating:

  • Reports and Whitepapers- provide the reader lots of valuable statistics and information from various studies
  • Videos- Use videos to create buzz around your business or show potential buyers key product or service differentiators
  • Special Projects- Think of all the different ways you can stand out from the crowd and create content that gets some buzz
There are so many different types of online content you can create that will engage your audience. Download our ebook for a complete list of online content types that you should be using in your content strategy.

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