Types Of Marketing Content

Content marketing has been the buzzword around modern marketing. Creating content is a great way to increase brand awareness, build relationships, and increase pipeline. However, just because marketers are creating content doesn't mean they are successful in meeting their marketing goals. In order to have a successful marketing strategy, marketers must create content that is targeted to their specific audience. But many marketers don't know what kind of content they need in their content marketing mix in order to achieve optimal results.

So what are all of the different types that you need to create a content arsenal?

  • Big Rock Content Pieces- long form content that you create to drive a high level of engagement and demand
  • Blogs- Your blog is a great place to put short-form thought leadership, increase brand awareness, increase engagement, and generate leads
  • Infographics- Infographics are ideal for brand awareness, social sharing, traffic increases, influencer relations, and link building
  • Webinars- webinars are great for lead generation and engagement
  • Cheatsheets- great short form content type that can show your audience information on a topic at a glance.

Captora helps marketers create content that is targeted towards their audience. Captora leverages your existing content in order to intelligently scale and optimize digital campaigns based on what your buyers are searching for in real-time. Marketers will now be able to reach new buyers across multiple channels in a quick and easy way.

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