Traditional Marketing Vs Online Marketing

Generating interest in your brand through traditional marketing methods is through the use of billboards, print media, and radio and TV ads. Online marketing references some of the same content-writing techniques as traditional marketing, but it is all about creating a presence on the web, through social media, email and visual displays. These channels typically cost considerably less, and digital marketers tend to receive significantly better feedback on content that works through methods like analysis of CTAs, A/B testing.

When working with online marketing, however, marketers really need to know what content is engaging from the beginning. Although online marketing can mean faster ways to get the right assets to the right buyers at the right time, it also presents the risk of creating too much noise in any given channel. Using guesswork to create this content can take endless time and ends up placing effort on content that simply doesn't connect with buyers. To execute great online marketing strategies, marketers need reliable tools and measurable data to ensure they are engaging the most conversion-ready buyers to grow pipeline.

With Captora's technology, marketers can automatically view clickstream data and see it compared to competitors' assets. Our always-on software that focuses on the optimization of campaigns tests variables automatically to increase conversion rates through placing only the most effective content in the right channels. Captora gives marketers real-time, measurable data on their web assets, allowing them to spend time on the campaigns that are proven most effective.

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