Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing utilizes marketing channels such as radio and TV ads, billboards, and print media to generate interest and demand in a company. While digital marketing uses some of the same content-writing techniques, it is all about web presence; mobile marketing, email marketing, channel marketing, content marketing, social media marketing etc. Placing content on digital channels allows marketers to receive significantly more feedback on what works - through A/B testing, analyzing CTAs, and more.

However, to generate that initial content and ensure that your team continues to create content that engages buyers, marketers really need to know what works from the beginning. With guesswork, this content-creation strategy can take endless time and mean effort is placed on content that may simply not work to engage buyers. Marketers need reliable, data-based tools to execute their digital marketing strategies.

Captora's technology helps marketers to synthesize data, leveraging existing content and create new content-rich campaigns based on what actually works. Our always-on optimization software automatically tests variables to ensure conversion rates are the highest possible. Instead of simple guesswork, Captora presents real-time measurable data, allowing marketers to hone in on campaigns that will be most effective.

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