Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing can be loud, interruption-based and aggressive - highlighting many ways that marketers grab the attention of their targeted audience. If marketers create content that places a continuous stream of content where they think buyers will be looking - print ads, mailings, making broadcasts - they are bound to capture someone's attention. However, this creates a great deal of noise, and most audiences today are somewhat immune to these obvious outbound marketing strategies.

When inbound marketers change tactics and focus on techniques to place their accurate, relevant, and educational content only in the most effective channels, they can win buyers' attentions. Whether through paid/organic search, social media or advertising, inbound marketers can make consumers feel confident in their purchases and strengthen loyal relationships with buyers. However, if modern marketers are still relying on low-feedback traditional methods of guesswork and broad-reaching strategies, how do they ensure that their content is relevant to buyer demand signals?

Captora allows modern marketers to go well beyond traditional methods by offering data-driven technology that produces results. With Captora, marketers have access to clickstream data as well as always-on optimization technology to ensure that their most effective content gets rapidly delivered across multiple channels. Gone are the days of simply being the loudest in the room - now marketers can carefully and with consideration provide relevant data to drive high-quality lead conversions and truly nurture relationships with customers!

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