Tracking Marketing Campaigns

To engage and inform buyers with your brand, marketers must create campaigns. Successful marketing campaigns are well thought-out and executed but most importantly- tracked. Tracking marketing campaigns is key to determining ROI of individual marketing efforts but yet remains one of the biggest hurdles of a marketing team's success.

In modern marketing, content is king. Captora helps marketers centralize the management of their content online by organizing it into keyword groupings and comparing coverage between your company and your market or competition. Identifying opportunities are easy with demand views that clearly surface paid and organic keywords that could attract and convert potential prospects. Buyers are searching for content that will educate them on how your product or service can serve to solve their problem. Captora makes it easy to be everywhere your buyers are online by:

  • Surfacing campaign opportunities
  • Creating easy-to-launch campaign templates
  • Streamlining content creation at scale
  • Optimizing and personally landing pages with dynamic content

Don't be one of those marketers that struggle to create successful content becuase they lack the proper tracking and campaign management to optimize and measure ROI. Let Captora help you today. Watch our demo video and see how in two-minutes.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video