Top Of Funnel Marketing Content

Top of the Funnel Marketing Content is important on the web as the marketing funnel becomes more and more definite. Content marketers need to know that creating and delivering mass amounts of content doesn’t guarantee customer engagement; not all content allows you to connect with your desired audience. With all of the noise out there, your content must allow you to engage with the consumer. But unfortunately, it seems most marketers miss the mark with their content.

The marketing funnel is a 3-stage representation of the buyer's journey. To succeed in modern digital marketing, companies must have each component of the funnel functioning in unity as no part works on its own. While the bottom and middle of the funnel focus on taking those existing potential buyers in your database and assessing their behavior before marking them as a lead, there is a huge challenge that is present in the top of the funnel! Buyers are using key long-tail phrases to find a company's product or service, yet those words may not be the same ones a company uses to describe their solution! In order to bridge the content gap, marketers must seek a technology to intelligently prioritize your content and campaigns.

Captora. The digital marketing platform built to help companies bandage that top of funnel gap.

Captora gives companies like yours:

  • 2 times the speed of actionable insights
  • a boost in organic search visits
  • %100 better conversion rate
  • 55% lower cost per lead
  • 10x targeted landing pages

Our Modern Marketer eBook gives you the full breakdown of how Captora is designed to complement your marketing toolkit!

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