Top Of Funnel Marketing Automation

Top of the funnel marketing automation tools are key to today's marketing funnel as a whole. This "funnel" is a multi-staged theoretical depiction of the buyer journey. To be a modern digital marketing success, companies must have the three phases working harmoniously as no single part works well by itself. The three phases are as follows:

  • Bottom - Also know as the phase where your CRM is. This is the phase where your buyer is a part of your marketing database. CRM's allow your company to monitor and assess the behavior of those contacts, and then once qualified, reach out to them.
  • Middle - The phase involving leveraging marketing automation software (Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot) to score and nurture the known contacts with targeted and customized content and emails.
  • Top - This is the phase where we encounter a disconnect. While consumers are using specific long-tail keywords to find your company, but you may be using a whole different set of keywords to describe your solution.

And thus, the need for you to find and implement Captora!

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