Top Of Funnel Marketing Approach

Top of the funnel marketing approach is a new key idea to today's digital marketing world. The "marketing funnel" is a 3-tiered reference to the phases of the buyer journey - top, middle, & bottom. To succeed in today's world of marketing, businesses need to have each part of the funnel functioning in harmony as no single part works well on its own. Here is a breakdown of the funnel:

  • Bottom - This is generally where your CRM lives. At this stage a buyer exists in your marketing database and it is your goal to nourish this relationship. CRM's help your company assess the behavior of these contacts, and reach out to them when they feel they are qualified.
  • Middle - This is the stage to leverage marketing automation (Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua) to score and nurture known potential buyers with relevant & personalized content.
  • Top - Currently there exists a disconnect between how buyers use long-tail keywords to research solutions & how marketers describe their solutions. To close the content gap, marketers are in need of a platform to intelligently pair the two, and then prioritize content creation.

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