Top Marketing Metrics

As marketing is now seen as a revenue driver rather than a cost-center, modern marketers are under more pressure to tie their efforts back to ROI. However, due to the fact that "B2B buyers download 14 pieces of content during the purchase process," (DemandGenReport) it is becoming increasingly difficult to tie one campaign back to ROI.

In order to prove the value of their marketing efforts, marketers need to know the top metrics to measure to prove success. Here are several of them!

  • Cost per marketing generated lead
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Bounce Rates
  • Click Through Rates
  • Time on the Page
  • Conversion Rates

Captora Digital Marketing Solution is helping companies intelligently scale and optimize digital marketing campaigns in order to accelerate pipeline across paid, organic and social channels. Captora customers such as Marketo and Docusign were able to lower their cost per lead while increasing non-branded search traffic as well as conversion rates.

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