Top Marketing Challenges

Modern marketers are under pressure to grow pipeline, increase brand awareness, and engage buyers with a low cost per lead. With an increasing number of marketers spending more on content marketing, most struggle to measure content ROI. With a lack of visibility marketers are struggling to scale their content marketing efforts and are not able to reach their goals.

With little to no visibility into where you have content assets, how your assets are performing, and how to get the right content in front of the right buyers at scale, marketers are left guessing about what content to create. Creating campaigns can be a time-consuming process for many marketers because of manual campaign execution, manual campaign optimization, and weak buyer and competitor data. The lack of visibility, guesswork, and manual processes are some of the common marketing challenges facing modern marketers.

That’s where Captora comes in. Captora helps marketers find, engage, and convert buyers by automatically creating content and data-driven campaigns across multiple channels. The Captora solution utilizes data, content, and optimization to automatically scale campaigns. Captora has the solution to solve the top marketing challenges in an easy and effective way.

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