Top Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation software helps to automate and scale repetitive marketing tasks and the subsequent analysis of those efforts. Leads in the marketing database can be nurtured through the buying process by providing them with relevant, personalized content until they are ready to purchase. Digital campaigns can be designed, triggered and executed automatically; once a campaign has run its course, a range of analytic tools can measure its performance to understand what worked well and what did not. Before looking in detail at specific automated marketing solutions it's important to do a needs assessment to better understand the type of tool you might need based on your specific use case and the marketing challenges you are trying to solve.

Key Features of marketing Automation Software:

  • Email marketing
  • Personal and behavioral data about your contacts
  • Customized marketing automation with branches, conditions, triggers, and more
  • Track page visits and custom events
  • Segment based on basic or advanced logic
  • Trigger actions based on site visits or other behaviors
  • Initiate campaigns with dynamic content
  • Smart email content with customization based on user interactions and other data
  • Real-time social analytics

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