Tools For Content Marketers

More and more companies are spending money on content marketing. Content marketing is an effective method of increasing brand awareness and engaging buyers. Marketers are spending countless hours producing content, only to realize that they are not reaching their goals. Most marketers are finding it challenging to create content that deliver ROI and engage buyers without getting lost in the clutter.

There are many content marketing tools available to help marketers streamline their content process. But, most of the content tools out there don’t provide marketers with data into what content is performing well vs which campaigns should be optimized to deliver results. Without the visibility into your content and competitor activity, marketers are loosing out on capturing potential buyers.

Captora’s marketing solution is the tool for content marketers. Captora automatically indexes and deploys your existing content into new campaigns that engage and capture buyers. With instant insight into your competitors activity, buyer demand, content gaps, and optimization opportunities, marketers are able to prioritize where they want to spend their efforts. Marketers can now deliver content-rich campaigns through multiple channels to bring in new buyers. Captora also allows marketers to continuously optimize campaigns to ensure high conversions. Get the visibility you need with Captora’s tool.

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