Tips For Social Media Marketing Success

Social media is critical to a successful marketing campaign as it is a great way to enhance the reach, engagement and influence of your content. By leveraging social media, marketers can engage potential buyers as online use multiple channels to digest content. Here are three tips to optimize your social media marketing campaigns for success.

  1. Social Media Management Platforms - Platforms such as Hootsuite, enable marketing teams to promote content across multiple social networks from one cloud based companies. Furthermore, Hootsuite allows marketing teams to easily monitor mentions and conversations, what their customers and competitors are promoting, and what content is trending in your industry.
  2. Boosted Posts/ Thought Leadership/ Content Sharing -
    • Boosted Posts- are a great way to get your content in front of your target audience, friends of your target audience or a whole new audience entirely. Boosted posts enable marketers to maximize the reach of their content.
    • Thought Leadership/Content Sharing - Not everyone following you on social media is interested with your product or solution. Thats why it is crucial to leverage social media to assert your company as thought leaders. This can be done by sharing blogs based on key words and topics related to your industry, or sharing content from other companies. By establishing yourself as a thought leader you increase your brand awareness by relating your company with leading industry trends.
  3. Optimize for Lead Generation. - The self promotional pages that you distribute via social media should be optimized for lead generations. This means directing visitors towards a specific landing page, having forms to capture information, and releasing your big rock pieces of content (webinars, ebooks, how to's,,etc.) Furthermore, you use the real estate to promote this content as well.

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