Successful Marketing Vs Branding

Successful marketing refers to a company's ability to generate new buyers without increasing CAC and raise brand awareness via digital channels. These two initiatives can be broken down into marketing for lead generation, and marketing for demand generation.

Lead generation refers to all marketing strategies that are used to build a marketing database and engage new buyers. Demand generation is how marketers are creating a need for their products, solutions and industry. While these two strategies differ in goals, they both rely on engaging your target audience with relevant content. In order to be successful in modern marketing, companies need a solution to help them leverage data to drive revenue growth and brand awareness.

Captora is a cloud based platform that is helping marketers drive quality leads into their marketing database and engage anonymous buyers. With Captora, you have the ability to:

  • Identify which pain points and long tail keywords buyers are using to identify your solution. As many of these detailed search terms are un branded, these potential buyers may often be anonymous to companies. You can't engage people you don't know exists.
  • Seamlessly create hundreds of SEO optimized landing pages. Allowing you to streamline the process of getting relevant content in front of potential buyers who were previously unknown.
  • Test these campaigns against one another, or test the individual elements. This can help you understand what content is driving conversions, what other digital marketing campaigns to go after and where to place your marketing dollars.

Learn how Captora can help you leverage data, cross channel analytics and A/B testing to drive quality leads into your marketing database and increase brand awareness!

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