Successful Marketing Companies

Marketers are now responsible for engaging new customers (without increasing CPL) and generating revenue growth (without increasing CAC). In order to adapt to these new challenges, marketers need to take lessons on what successful marketing companies are doing to differentiate themselves. Here are a couple ways to be successful in this marketing revolution.

  • Create audience centric content on landing pages that are optimized for SEO. In oder to increase search engine rankings and capture buyers before the competition, marketers need to create personalized user experiences with relevant content and offers.
  • Leverage marketing automation to nurture known leads with multiple touch points and score them as they move through the customer journey. This helps reduce CAC, as you can monitor these prospects until they are qualified.
  • Captora! The newest addition to the digital marketing technology stack, Captora is helping marketers drive revenue growth and fill their marketing automation solutions with quality leads. Captora allows you to use bid data and machine learning to identify how buyers are using unbranded search terms to find solutions in your category or industry. With Captora, marketers can seamlessly engage these unknown with personalized landing pages that are optimized for SEO

Learn how Captora can help you drive marketing success by optimizing your content marketing strategy and increasing the effectiveness of marketing automation solution.

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