Successful Marketing Case Studies

Are you looking to find and capture new buyers before your competition? Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration is a marketing platform that is helping companies automate top of funnel lead generation in order to generate high quality leads. Captora customers are able to :

  • Leverage buyer and competitive intelligence in order to identify content marketing gaps and opportunities.
  • Leverage best existing content in order to create hundreds of targeted landing pages and increase paid and organic conversion rates.
  • Generate high quality leads for your CRM and marketing automation solutions.

Servicemax, a field service software solution, was able to leverage Captora in order to see the following results;

  • 60% increase in new, non-branded generated traffic.
  • 109% increase in paid search visits.
  • 3x lift in conversion rates for paid and organic campaigns.

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration enables you to intelligently scale and optimize digital marketing campaigns in order to accelerate pipeline across digital channels.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video