Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

In modern marketing, content is king. Buyers are online searching for content that will educate them about how your product or service can help solve their problem. With so many marketing campaigns out there, marketers need to ensure they are not getting lost in the noise. Marketers are spending countless hours creating content, but see no conversions. Marketers are struggling to create successful content marketing campaigns that they are confident about.

With thousands of buyers online, marketers have the opportunity to increase brand awareness and attract new buyers. Creating content that can reach thousands of people will help increase brand awareness, drive leads, and increase conversions. However, when trying to create content marketers do not have data on data they already have, do not have insight into what content to prioritize, and do not have ROI to show what content is driving results. To successfully create content marketing campaigns marketers need a solution that can help address their challenges.

Captora helps marketers create successful content marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Captora uses machine learning algorithms to content, web traffic, and your competitors’ content to automatically create thousands of content-driven campaigns across multiple channels. With Captora marketers can

  • Get alerts on existing opportunities and marketing gaps
  • Track real time performance of marketing campaigns
  • Customize reports and dashboards

With Captora marketers can ensure they have a successful content marketing campaign!

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