Successful Content

With the shift in the buying process, marketers are now responsible for creating dozens of successful content. Creating whitepapers, blogs, infographics, and more, can be a great way to engage buyers who are aware of your brand. However, with thousands of potential buyers on the web who are not aware of your brand, marketers have a great opportunity to engage those buyers as well. Buyers are searching for content that will help inform them about their problem. To create successful content, marketers need to know what their buyers are searching for.

Today, marketers do not know what content to create or what campaigns to prioritize. Marketers don’t have a way to automate their campaign execution and optimization, have difficulty finding existing content to engage new buyers, and have little to no visibility into buyer intent and competitor moves. Marketers are struggling to create successful content because of the challenges they are facing when trying to produce content.

Captora takes the manual process and guesswork out of content creation and ensures that marketers are creating successful content to engage new buyers. Captora helps marketers reach new buyers who have not heard of your brand, by expanding top-of-funnel marketing. Marketers now have the opportunity to grow pipeline and generate more leads. Captora helps marketers create successful content by:

  • Identifying where marketers should spend time
  • Creating campaigns to review, authorize, and launch
  • Optimizing campaigns for optimal conversions

With Captora marketers get the insight they need and the tools to ensure they are creating successful content.

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