Stages In Buying Process

Almost all your potential buyers go through the consumer buying decision process. With so much mass messaging around, buyers are starting to ignore the noise. This causes marketers to loose out on growing pipeline because they aren’t capturing potential buyers. Understanding the consumer buying decision process is important to marketers because it allows them to build valuable relationships with customers.

The 5 consumer buying decision are:

  • Stage 1 – Need recognition
  • Stage 2 – Information search
  • Stage 3 – Alternative evaluation
  • Stage 4 – Purchase decision
  • Stage 5 – Post-purchase behavior

No matter what stage your prospective buyers are at, creating engaging, relevant, and valuable content is most critical. Buyers are searching for information that can help them get to the next step of the purchasing decision. But with no insight into buyer wants and needs, marketers are guessing about what content to create.

With Captora marketers are able to capture buyers by expanding top-of-funnel marketing to engage people who haven’t even heard of your brand. The Captora platform automatically creates targeted content-driven campaigns that enable marketers to engage buyers no matter what stage of the buying process they are at. Provide value to your prospective buys through every stage and see an increase in conversions, brand awareness, and leads.

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