Solving Marketing Challenges

Modern marketers are struggling to capture the attention of their buyers because of all the noise. One of the ways marketers are trying to capture the attention of their buyers is by creating educational and engaging content that will provide potential buyers with value. But most of the marketing challenges modern marketers are facing are due to the lack of visibility.

Most content solutions do not provide marketers with data on existing content, do not tell marketers what content to create to engage buyers, and do not provide marketers with the analytics to show what campaigns are working well to deliver ROI. Thus, marketers are left guessing about what content to create and hope that it engages prospective buyers.

The Captora solution helps solve marketing challenges. With Captora marketers can identify, engage, and convert new buyers by expanding top-of-funnel marketing. Captora automatically creates content-driven campaigns across various channels. The Captora solution focuses on data, content, and optimization to help marketers scale their content campaigns. The Captora technology has:

  • Opportunity Analyzer – identify new campaign and optimization opportunities exist
  • Content-Driven Execution – leverage existing content to create new campaigns across multiple channels
  • Always-On Optimization – continually test and optimize campaign elements (content, CTAs, offers) to drive conversion

Now marketers can see significant increases in lead volume, cost per lead, and conversion rates. Solve your marketing pains with Captora!

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