Software To Measure Marketing Analytics

Are you looking for a software to help you measure your marketing analytics? In the current state of digital marketing, measuring your metrics and analytics will help you demonstrate the success of your marketing campaigns. However, with all the tools and technologies that are out there, marketers struggle to know which ones to leverage.

Captora is a digital marketing platform that is using cross channel analytics to help marketers prioritize their campaigns and marketing investments. With Captora, marketers can leverage real time analytics and big data in order to :

  • Identify key search phrases that real buyers are using to search for products, solutions and content that is trending in your industry.
  • From the same platform, you can create hundreds of targeted marketing campaigns that are based on data driven insights and in depth analytics.
  • Monitor these digital marketing campaigns and report the success of them by asset, persona or channel.

Learn how Captora can help you be more successful by being able to effectively measure marketing data and analytics.

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