Software To Manage Top Of The Funnel Leads

The top of the funnel, or awareness stage, is the perfect place to educate prospects—not about a specific product or solution, but about topics that matter most to their business. This stage attracts new prospects, answers questions on topics relevant to both the buyer and brand, and builds trust. Definitions vary and sub-levels that align better with individual sales processes might be needed, but this model serves as a solid starting point. Knowing prospects' concerns allow for a content strategy that speaks directly to their needs.

The goal is to move buyers from "limited knowledge" to a greater degree of proficiency while leaving them wanting more. The purpose of top-of-the-funnel content is to intrigue, not to sell, and to capture quality leads looking for further information. Top of funnel leads is the perfect place to educate prospects and about generic product and solutions.

With Captora, marketing teams significantly optimize your top-of-the funnel campaigns so your products are found in the fastest manner possible by previously anonymous buyers.

Common Top-of-the-Funnel Content pieces Captora can help you generate:

  • eBooks
  • Educational Whitepapers
  • Tip sheets
  • How-to blog posts and webinars
  • & more!!

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