Social Media Strategy

Social media is having a huge impact on the digital marketing landscape, as more buyers are becoming more influenced through social media. This means that buyers have a higher chance to identify solutions than you have a chance at identifying them. Companies are missing out big time if they don't have the right tools and technologies in place to identify potential customers who are using social media to search for or around their solution. Here are three tools you can start using today to improve your social media strategy.

  • Canva - As images can dramatically increase engagement rates on your Tweets, marketers need a tool in place to build customized posts without having to dip into their budget. This is where Canva comes on. Canva is a free and easy to use online tool that allows companies to create customized posts for social media.
  • HootSuite - Marketers need a real-time feed to see what their competitors and prospects are talking about. We use Hootsuite as a social media management solution. With Hootsuite we can identify and engage with what content is trending and important to our audiences. Then, from the same platform, we can schedule all of our posts to go out either in 5 minutes or in two days.
  • SlideShare - SlideShare allows marketers and companies to share their presentations, info-graphics, documents, and videos. Think that webinar your company just had needs to be shared? Post it to SlideShare and promote it on your social media accounts.

Though not a social media platform, Captora allows marketers to leverage buyer intent signals and competitive intelligence across paid, organic and social channels. Marketers can then take action and intelligently create targeted digital marketing campaigns based on the content that people want. See how Captora can help you report success across search and social channels.

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