Social Media Marketing Tactics

Social media provides marketers with a great opportunity to reach potential customers, as nearly three-fourths of all internet users are present on social media. More companies are using social media to promote content, and more buyers are relying on social media to identify solutions and overcome pain points.

Here are three must have social media marketing tactics.

  • Twitter Lead Generation Cards– On Twitter you can now collect contact details for people who are interested in your company. You can create an offer and when a follower clicks on the CTA the contact information that is connected to their account will go into your database!
  • Sponsored Updates– LinkedIn allows you to sponsor your updates in order to reach those potential customers who are not following your page.
  • LinkedIn Inmail– Now you can send a direct message to an extended target audience with a specific message. These messages will only be sent when someone is online so there is a 100% deliverability!

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