Social Media Marketing And Traditional Marketing

In the current marketing landscape, 57% of the buyer journey is complete before sales is contacted, (Corporate Executive Board), and 72% of all online consumers are active on social media. (Jeff Bulas) This means that online consumers are self-educating and self-navigating themselves through the buying process, and using social media to do so. Here are a couple ways social media is helping modern marketers go above and beyond traditional marketing by expanding the reach, engagement and impact of their content.

  • The Power of the Hashtag. Social media enables marketers to promote, raise awareness, and drive engagement to or around a traditional marketing event. Many events will have a corresponding hashtag which can be used to identify other attendees, drive traffic to a booth or a tent and carry out the conversation well after the event is over.
  • Ability to Keep Informed. By following industry thought leaders, other companies in the space and your customers; you have the ability to track what content people are engaged. Thus providing you with real-time, data-driven analytics to make informed decisions on your traditional and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Some Stats to Drive it Home.
    • 79% of active Twitter users are likely to refer companies they are following. (Quick Sprout)
    • 67% of active Twitter users are likely to buy from brands they are following. (Conent Plus)
    • The lead-to-close rate for outbound marketing is 100% lead-to-close rate than for social media marketing. (HubSpot)
In the current digital marketing landscape it is crucial for modern marketers to leverage all tools, technologies, and channels to identify and engage potential buyers. For more information on how to go above and beyond with digital marketing, dowload our ebook!

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