Social Media For Marketing Strategy

In the fierce landscape of digital marketing, it is becoming increasingly important to not only map content to different stages in the buyer journey, but to also promote content across different channels - especially social media. As online buyers are relying more on social media to influence their purchasing decisions, it is critical that marketers are using all the tools to engage these potential customers. Here are 3 social media tools that can improve your marketing strategy

  • Hootsuite - Social Media Management.
  • Canva - Create Customized posts for Twiiter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Littlebird - Identify key influencers in your industry.

Captora is a digital marketing solution that enables marketers to improve their content marketing strategies by leveraging buyer and competitive intelligence on paid, organic and social media channels. Now, marketers can close the content gap by using data-driven insights to see how buyers are actively searching for and around their solution.

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